Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Unaffordable Care Act

("24 Million Fewer Could Receive Health Coverage")

The unaffordable care act.

It is larceny in broad daylight, stealing from the poor to satiate the rich,  stripping Medicaid, making coverage unattainable for those most in danger, treating misery as a pre-existing condition, holding the only self evident truth, the only mandate, is insuring that insurance is once more a privilege and not a right.
For the vast portion of the population who stand to lose the most, many of whom sought comfort in the arms of the Republican party, it is far past time to end the delusion that this President and those in control in this Congress are in your corner.
The President will rely on his standard bag of tricks, crying foul that the figures from the CBO are without basis, that this agency, like his intelligence agencies, are filled with incompetents, that numbers lie (except when they support him), that everyone in the fictional land of Trump will live happily ever after.
Except we know better (or worse). We know that millions will suffer unnecessarily if this plan become reality, that we will have taken yet another giant step backward in our journey to reach the moral high ground, that we will be complicit in a crime of staggering magnitude.
There would be some who might think, for selfish political purposes, that the Democrats should put up a fight but then step aside to allow the Republicans to orchestrate their own political demise. But that cannot be adequate response. The only acceptable reply is to stand resolute and unbending, to push as hard and as long as possible, to give those who require our aid the most, assurance if not insurance they will not be abandoned in their hour of desperate need.


Bruce said...

Maybe we call too much about these sad, sad white people from the Brexit states of WI, MI, OH, IA, PA and WV. They have no jobs, no healthcare and half of them are addicted to opiates. Their answer is to build a wall between Mexico and the US. So should we go out of our way for them ?

Doug said...

Absolutely yes. They're Americans whose overall welfare has gone unaddressed by past administrations. Out of desperation, they saw hope in the blatant promises of our current leader. Now they face the hard truths. Not their fault, they were driven to anything that looked like an answer to their prayers. Do we fault them for that and expand the division between us or understand what they're dealing with and start the healing. We have to survive this tragedy that's befallen us and get this country, all of this country, back on track.

Anonymous said...

Right on the mark. This is a great piece. So well written, as always.