Tuesday, April 25, 2017

100 Days

The world was built in six days. And what, Mr. Trump, have you built in 100?

Not your wall certainly. Not your health care reform plan, nor your tax plan. Not a flourishing economy. Not a unified Republican party. Not alliances with friendly nations nor understandings with those with whom relations are strained. Not bridges, real or imagined. Not confidence in your capabilities. Not trust. Not the deal making prowess you promised.

Not anything but an unbroken string of head shaking comments, mind numbing tweets and thousands upon thousands of useless superlatives describing a greatness you have been incapable of demonstrating.

What then Mr. Trump have you actually built?

A more unified, dedicated opposition than thought possible as dissatisfaction and disgust has found a voice in town halls across the nation, in marches and protests, in holding those in office accountable for their words and their votes.

And thus, Mr. Trump, we thank you for your invaluable service to this country. With your incompetence and your dangerous lack of knowledge, intellect and instinct, you have brought to life a long dormant beating heart, dedicated to protecting the causes you neglect or reject.

And so your first 100 days have indeed been of great consequence. Just not in the ways you intended.


Anonymous said...

This says it all! --RE

Anonymous said...

As usual, you so perfectly express what I think-and so true!


Anonymous said...

well said!


Anonymous said...

thanks for expressing my thoughts and feelings lois

Anonymous said...

Right on!!!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Well said!


Anonymous said...

Can't impeach him
We will lose the major motivation for opposition


Anonymous said...

Is it time to man the barricades? Feels like it most days!