Sunday, April 30, 2017

2920 Days (not considering Leap Years)

("Lessons From 100 Days of President Trump")

It is but a presidential mirage. The belief that, even as one does nothing right he is doing alright (if not all right). How else does the brain accept the startling (no startling is far too soft and squishy a description), the mind numbing, mind blowing concept that Donald Trump would do better today at the polls than he did on that November day 100 days and a 1000 mistakes ago.

Mr. Trump has indeed performed the governing equivalent of shooting someone (translate to "this country") in broad daylight in the middle of Fifth Avenue without repercusssion or ramification. 

Yes, he has achieved the unfathomable of being unable to come within a mile of having any meaningful legislation passed when his party controls both houses of Congress. He has managed (or mismanaged) so horrendously that his own side remains the party of No, even as it has the power of Yes tucked in it's pocket.

But despite that, it is not too early to settle in to this possibility. Donald Trump, this Donald Trump, is here to stay. Not for merely another 100 days, not even for merely the balance of this term. If history has any remaining relevance (and maybe Mr.Trump has made that concept as meaningless as Hillary Clinton) we should seriously ponder the frightening image of seven years and 264 more days of a rudderless ship.

There may well be midterm reversals in 2018 (does 2010 ring a bell with anyone?) and mini insurrections and rebellions scattered across the landscape, but we as a country love nothing so much as believing in the possibility of our President. Can you say Richard Nixon and George W. Bush? Maybe we should call it the audacity of hope.

Do you think that can't happen? Do you remember that escalator ride through the glitz of Trumpdom, the Mexican putdown, the McCain knockdown and the unending indignities that followed. So you understand that logical conclusions don't necessarily follow illogical actions.

Mark my word. If Donald Trump does not shoot himself in the foot (and the target, like his hands, is much smaller than one imagines) this bumbling, fumbling, ever stumbling maniac will be a two term nightmare, an eight year sentence imposed upon this nation. We serve the time while he commits the crime. 

Teflon Don.


Anonymous said...

Teflon isn't used anymore for frying pans because it would chip off and get ingested.
What we will ingest in the coming months worries me greatly --RE

Anonymous said...

A recent poll shows two thirds of Americans believe the Democratic Party is out of touch. If that frightening poll is accurate then you are absolutely right. We will need to suffer another 7+ years of Trump. Let's hope the Democrats can get their act together soon. It should begin with ridding the Party of it's has-beens, starting with the Clintons and following up with Sanders, Warren, Pelosi, Ellison, Perez, and a half dozen others. We need new, young, bold, sane and more moderate leadership. Otherwise we will keep losing elections at every level.