Thursday, April 13, 2017

High Anxiety

("Mr. Trump's Fickle Diplomacy")

Are relations with Russia  "at an all time low" as Mr. Trump now suggests? Was he not paying attention when the Cuban missile crisis put us within a trigger finger of war with the Soviet Union? 

Mr. Trump can vacillate from best friend to worst enemy faster than Usain Bolt can run a 100 meters because he has no historical understanding, no sense of how this process plays out over years and no patience for the act of governing.

He is a perpetual bull in a china shop, running wildly to and fro. While he may have believed keeping people guessing an effective way to conduct his private business, it is definitely not conducive to better relationship with friend nor foe in the world that he now inhabits.

One day NATO may be obsolete, a relic, and the next a trusted ally. China may yesterday have been a currency manipulator and wrong on on it's one China policy and the next neither of those things. Russia's actions in Ukraine and Syria can be considered irrelevant to us in one instant and raise the possibility of disaster between our countries in the next.

When policy is but a huge question mark, when the President has little idea what yesterday meant, what today looks like or what tomorrow may bring, when a mercurial temper is married with a lacking intellect, trouble is forever lurking. 

This is the state of high alert that is the presidency of Donald Trump. Buckle up.


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced. You never sleep. Is it outrage or old age? The blogs are brilliant.


Anonymous said...

buckle up and wear a helmet at all times

Bruce said...

The reversals of policy have been stunning; the confusion that it is causing is cause for concern. The ship of state has no rudder and the captain is busy hitting golf balls off of the deck and into the sea. If this keeps up he will have alienated most of his base to the delight of his opponents. The 2018 election cannot come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It helps to continually put things into perspective.