Friday, April 28, 2017

Taxing Times

("Living in the Trump Zone")

So this is what passes for a comprehensive tax reform? Where is Herman Cain and the 9-9-9 plan when you need him (I actually don't remember anything about what it intended but it caught our attention for a moment).

The White House is on perpetually high alert, not from threat of foreign enemy, but from a much more insidious foe, the President.

I can only imagine the fear that each new dawn brings to Sean Spicer as he awaits the latest disaster of Mr. Trump's commission which he must try to explain as some rational proposition.

The problem, as Mr. Krugman (and my son) so clearly states, is that we seem compelled to treat nonsense like this back of the napkin exercise in assuaging the President as an actual policy proposal, worthy of examination, contemplation and consideration. It has about the same merit as telling the teacher that the dog ate your report, but you think being rich is better than being poor.

Mr. Trump has created chaos within the borders of his administration, of this Congress, of this country, of this planet. A party in control lurches out of control from self inflicted crisis to crisis, feeding upon itself as the chief executive pouts and barely even pretends to understand what is going on.

And the result is that the ludicrous becomes our baseline. Anyone have a spare napkin? I think I have the solution to North Korea, China, Putin, world peace, and the mystery of Mr. Trump's hair.


Harvey F Leeds said...

I have a spare roll of toilet paper! Single ply!

Anonymous said...

Modess will do

Anonymous said...

Oy!!! PB