Monday, April 3, 2017

The Heart of a Champion

("Half-Inch Error and Four-Stroke Penalty, Give L.P.G.A. Major Tumultuous Finish")

One of the most compelling sporting events I have ever witnessed was Lexi Thompson's courageous effort after notification of the imposition of a four stroke penalty while in the middle of playing the final round of a major.

Forget that she clearly had zero intent of cheating, turning what appeared to be a one foot putt into an eleven and a half inch putt. Disregard the absurdity of there being a universe of people somehow invested with the authority to enforce golf's regulations on the tour players. Don't account for the fact that Ms. Thompson knew she was being eyeballed by the officials, the gallery and the entire television audience around the globe as she marked her ball and then placed it back down.

Just remember that in a moment where all of us would have broken into a million pieces, Lexi Thompson played the last six holes two under par and came within an eyelash of making an eagle putt on 18 to turn adversity into glorious triumph.

Long after the winner of yesterday's LPGA championship is but vague recollection, the greatness that Ms. Thompson displayed will be feted.

This is what the heart of a champion looks like.

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