Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Lyin' King

("A Fake and a Fraud")

I don't know why this has not been his moniker until now, but Donald Trump should forever more be dubbed the "Lyin' King."

He of the coiffed orange mane, he who lords over all in his domain.

He who treats truth like a disease and facts like an enigma.

And why, Mr. Blow might ask, do those most faithful to the Lyin' King continue to be drawn to him? For it cannot be the verity of his proclamations, not the wisdom of his words.

The unmistakable conclusion is that those who are not shaken by this President's prevarications do not have to believe him, it is enough that they believe in him. Not in the ideas of Donald Trump but the idea of Donald Trump. Not in the rebel without a cause but in the rebel who will protect their cause. Not in the Lyin' King but in the Lion King.

That is why it is near impossible to persuade those dedicated to Mr. Trump of the depth of the disaster of these past 3 months. For they see not with their eyes, they listen not with their ears. 

When they gaze upon the comic/tragic sight of Donald Trump's shocking mane and hear his comic/tragic thoughts, they look upon not a beastly king but the king of beasts.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant and Inciteful

Anonymous said...

Really true. People see what they want to see. Unfortunately, the same "phenomenon" can occur when there is a great candidate and people are made to believe what they are seeing is "Wicked". --RE

Anonymous said...


Eileen said...

Perfect and perfectly horrifying!

Anonymous said...

I love reading the comments. Very exsighting.

Anonymous said...

Loved this one. You are such a great wordsmith. And you hit "the nail on the head".
Keep "em coming.