Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yin and Yang Shake Hands

("(It's Great to) Suck at Something")

Confession. I don't generally suck at golf. But yesterday I did. Bigly.

One embarrassing moment piled on the next. Each club had the feel of a serpent in my hands. Each swing a reminder that ineptitude knows no limits. Each sand trap a desert, each putt a search for where's Waldo. 

I am one season shy of six decades chasing after a little ball and yesterday could have been the nadir. But in one sense it was my finest hour. I remained calm though the storm was raging all around.

No thrown clubs, no damning of God, no sulking, no whining, no lamenting, no endless chatter about how I never ever performed so abysmally. No annoying myself with my petulance almost as much as I perpetually annoy all those unfortunate enough to be within eye or earshot.

Golf is a forever humbling, forever humiliating experience and I have never come close to mastering the Zen of it. But yesterday I did not suck bigly at my impersonation of a grown up. And being good while being bad was possibly one of the worst and best experiences ever. 

Golf, like life, is a complicated undertaking.


Harvey F Leeds said...

You need to learn how to address the ball the way Jackie Gleason first taught you!!

PickleBiz said...

"Hello Ball..."

Unknown said...

"Hello ball".

Anonymous said...

During my very first game of golf 40 years ago, I was told by a very experienced caddy to give up the game. It is a tribute to positive thinking that I have not followed his sage advice, but probably should have.--RE

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

you seemed to have mastered both lois

LPB said...

You're a total Buddha, Robert. I always knew it