Saturday, May 27, 2017


("Going Beyond Bad Trump")

At a time when the President is being poked and prodded like he is the lead patient at a proctology convention, when his health plan makes us sick, his budget leaves us wanting, his administration is sinking faster than the Titanic, his accomplishments could fit in a shoe box with room to spare, his wall is unbuilt and his immigration orders don't have the constitution to survive, a candidate from his party who just committed a physical assault upon a member of the media is elected to Congress. So much for the theory of trickle down.

For those who thought that this disaster of a President would bring the Republican behemoth to its knees, that impeachment was but a special election debacle away, that the stench from Washington would smell all the way to Montana and beyond, think again. Donald Trump and his party still have a beating heart and are still attacking those who have the audacity to question their conduct. They are still winning. Bigly.

The President is everything we feared he would be, and less. And yet the vast majority of those who voted for him on November 8, 2016 would pull that same lever tomorrow. We who recoil in horror at his every thought, who project our disgust into the minds of every citizen of this country, have to awaken from our dream of a Trumpless tomorrow and a Republican party in free fall.

The nightmare is alive and well, still shoving aside those who stand in the way, still kicking ass and taking names.


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Anonymous said...

Things will only get better when the voting public gets smarter. And that will only happen when Government and Civics courses become mandatory in every year in high school and junior high. There are a myriad of government committees, most of which do good deeds for the American people. Few people understand how government works. Our citizenry must be taught at a younger age that big government is not necessarily bad government. It does not have to be an intrusion in our life. It can be uplifting and save the day. Educating our young people at an early age is the best way to inoculate ourselves against toxic candidates. I'd rather have a fence on top of a cliff than the ambulance that we have parked at the bottom--R