Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Broken Dishes

("Donald Trump Embraces Another Despot")

A man with no historical understanding is not constrained by it's lessons. A man with no moral compass has no gravitational pull to reject those who practice immorality. A man with no allegiance to cause and effect is likely to cause deleterious effect.

And so we have a President with neither vision nor wisdom, neither judgment nor perspective, neither knowledge nor intuition. The broken dishes in the china shop lay scattered about as he rushes madly without direction or plan, allergic to reason, refusing to be reined in by structure or precedent.

This is Mr. Trump's idea of governing, an off the cuff exercise in which each moment holds the possibility of extensive damage. 

Today he extends invitation to one whose values are anathema to those we profess. Tomorrow will find another breach, another fissure, another barely conceived statement masquerading as official direction.

We spend far too much time having to try to clean up his mess. And Mr. Trump has barely gotten started.

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