Sunday, May 21, 2017


("4 year-olds don't act like Trump")

It stands as proposition that immaturity and impulse control are issues that both pre-K children and the President find most challenging.

Yet toddlers do not require the coddling of Mr. Trump, do not need sycophants to assuage a forever wounded soul, do not mandate the fealty of servant to master.

Four year olds are definitely more emotionally resilient than Mr. Trump, not infinitely harboring their psychic injury and plotting ultimate revenge​, as we are informed the President's decision to run for the Oval Office was but retribution for the lambasting he suffered at the hands of Barack Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondent's dinner. 

It is why on Mr Trump's current foreign tour, those with whom he will meet have apparently been warned to compliment rather than confront, to speak of the size of his electoral victory and not of the countless errors strewn across his presidency.

4 year olds have learned, through time outs in the corner, to reconsider their worst ideas and gain some insight into their shortcomings. But Mr. Trump treats his reprimands, like the defeat of his unconstitutional ban on Muslims or his health care debacle, not as moments of clarity but as deep offenses, not as a time for somber reflection but for lashing out, not as a failing of self but of others.

Mr. Trump has now been in office 4 months and maybe a more apt comparison is to a baby that age, unable to stand on his own two feet, uncertain of his surroundings, unable to perform the simplest of tasks. Or maybe that would be deemed the ultimate insult to 4 month olds.


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I have repeatedly call him a middle schooler but a 4 year old will do


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