Tuesday, May 16, 2017

First Do No Harm

("Trump Shared Classified Data with Russians, in Break With Ally, Officials Say")

So yesterday the President apparently revealed some intelligence. If that is true, it is the first time he has accomplished that feat while in office.

Each day brings new reason to worry that this man, armed with nothing but ego, will by ignorance or intent, do serious harm to this nation. Today it is jeopardizing alliances through carelessness, boast or indifference to the dictates of the moment. Tomorrow it is anyone's guess.

As Mr. Trump is set to begin his first trip abroad as President who among us does not believe that some serious international faux pas is virtually an inevitability. Don't we all wish he was just opening up a Trump golf course in Saudi Arabia or the Jerusalem Trump Towers? Something innocuous so that the risk is minimized that his rather small foot lands squarely in his very big mouth.

The Hippocratic oath is to first do no harm. If only it was also the maxim of this President.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting words to how we feel as always!


Anonymous said...

This President is giving us a civics lesson on what not to do. Is this slow motion torture somehow to benefit us by making future candidates for this office better and smarter?

Anonymous said...

Love that first line! Needed a good laugh.