Monday, May 1, 2017

"Free" Speech - The Price of Mr. Obama Marrying Fame and Fortune

("The Cost of Barack Obama's Speech")

The former President is faulted and chastised for mixing fame and fortune? How can the Times presume that Mr. Obama does not intend to do good as he does well? Can it not more readily be anticipated that rather than finding a home in his pocket, much of this money will be utilized in the places and for the causes that matter most to this extraordinary man and his equally extraordinary wife?

We have a sitting President whose idea of charity starts and stops in his own home. Who has spent a lifetime emotionally and financially consumed with no one but himself. In stark contrast, Barack and Michelle Obama have lived a life devoted to public service and to the care of others.

Do not be so quick to damn the 44th President for a burgeoning bank account. It is not what you receive but what you do with it that should serve as the measure of the man.

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Michael Gansl said...

I was wondering why the Times criticized Obama on this matter? Was it the money? Was it the audience he gave the speech too? What was the Times agenda with this editorial? I am looking forward to seeing what the Times says about Trump inviting Duerte to the White House!