Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kaopectate or Imodium?

First, a brief grammar lesson. Mr. Comey, you were mildly nauseated, not nauseous, at the thought that your October 28, 2016 massacre of Hillary Clinton was ground zero for Mr. Trump's elevation.

Now we are all more than mildly nauseated by your firing at the hands of a man who is running this country like an X rated version of The Apprentice.

US Attorney Preet Bharara, initially praised by Mr. Trump and requested to remain in his position once 45 took the reins, was soon booted for trying to find the fire behind the smoke of the Russian imbroglio.

Sound like a familiar pattern? It seems that the "guts" Mr. Comey demonstrated in taking America's mind off  Billy Bush and that infamous boys will be boys conversation with Donald on the bus, was not such a courageous act after all. It turns out that this bungling misstep was incompatible with his role as director of the FBI. Hey Donald, does this mean we can get a do-over on the election?

No, Mr. Trump, you are not being persecuted, but you may be prosecuted. That is, if there is anyone left to handle the job after you finish your purge.

This all has the feel of a surreal movie, a plot that would be rejected as far too outlandish to be credible. Few of us believed that the Oval Office would be occupied by someone more paranoid and malevolent than Tricky Dick Nixon. But Mr. Trump has proven that he is in fact the best at something.

Has anyone seen the kaopectate or the imodium?


Anonymous said...

It just gets worse and worse.
Thanks for continuing to send out your thoughts. You always hit a home run.

Anonymous said...

I hope your 60 days (between publishing of your letters in the NY Times) are up. This is great (sadly).


Anonymous said...

As always, so well written. It's like watching the most frightening horror movie. I want to cover my eyes, but dare not to. Our country is in real crisis.--RE