Monday, May 8, 2017

Mark Twain and the Republicans

("Republican Death Wish")

Let us not be so dramatic in our prognostications. It is easy to suggest that Republicans in Congress have put a bullet to their own collective heads by voting for an abomination of a (lack of) health care bill.

But if we have learned anything (have we) over eight years of watching the party of no shut down the government, oppose environmental protection, refuse to support infrastructure projects, battle against women's rights, voting rights, human rights, it is that power is not necessarily married to the right (or wrong) effecting constituents.

This is the beginning of May of 2017, and November 2018 is a millennium away. There are miles to go before we sleep and a million matters that will take our attention before then.

Yes, I know that Joe Biden said the Affordable Care act was a big f...in' deal, and it was, but Hillary lost not because of it but because of James Comey, because she was a woman, because too many people did not vote, because of overconfidence, or maybe just because Melania was pretty and Ivanka would protect us from the worst of her father. 

And there is gerrymandering and having a predisposition to exclude your Congressperson from being one of the bad ones, or maybe your representative did not vote for this bill if they were in districts where it might not be looked upon favorably if they did.

So, no, a vote for Trumpcare may not really be a killer and reports of the death of Republican control may be like those of Mark Twain: greatly exaggerated.

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Michael Gansl said...

Agreed. Way too early to come to any conclusions. Let's wait and see how the Senate deals with health care, what happens with the Russian inquiries, and what the roll up to mid term elections will look like for the Democrats.