Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sleepless Nights

("Erick Erickson: The Fantasy of Impeachment")

Impeachment talk is but a way of allowing those who find Mr. Trump unfit for office to sleep at night. But unless and until Mr. Trump stops doing his party's bidding by opposing the Republican heartbeat of protecting the wealthy and reducing the safety net for the suffering, he will be deemed nothing more than an acceptable, eccentric annoyance.

This President is a walking, talking offense but not an impeachable one while the Republicans remains in control of Congress. While there is much to suggest that the firing of the FBI director was a blatant attempt to obstruct justice, there is nothing to suggest that this incident will move those in his party to do more than shrug their shoulders and shake their collective heads.

So while there is great irony in President Trump dumping the man who may well have been the catalyst to his ascension, and great suspicion that his motivation was merely self preservation, there is little hope that Mr. Comey can prove  both Mr. Trump's "doing" and his undoing.

This episode, like so many others in the ongoing farce that is this presidency, will soon be but SNL fodder and will merely take its slot alongside the myriad theatre of the absurd moments that constitute the daily saga of Trump being Trump. 

Our constant search for a way to dump Donald will have to move on to tomorrow's disaster while we continue to harbor the fiction that too much is enough can somehow turn disgust into dismissal. I am not holding my breath. 

And I do find sleep elusive.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, so true and so well written. The real problem is that the current Republican party no longer believes government can do anything, hence no alternative health care plan has been brought forward for 7 years. They are good at posing as the opposition, and busying themselves in talking about what will not work. They have failed to realize that most Americans care about what works in government. I fear Trump's undoing will come, but at a great cost to the country.--RE

Robert said...

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