Monday, June 5, 2017


Our ugliness his specious lies
The knowledge that he feigns
His bitter tongue a tragedy
With full contempt he reigns
America, America god what's become of thee
We've lost our good and brotherhood
No majesty have we

Our ugliness his royal seat
This stern, embattled mess
A thoroughly alarming beat
His every thought a guess
America, America, god help us find our way
Confront this soul with no control
Bring light to darkest day

Our ugliness, no hero he
Mere home to endless strife
A selfish man he'll ever be
No mercy in his life
America, America, god help us good men find
We'll find success in nobleness
In open, gentle mind

Our remedy, our fervent dream
To look beyond the fears
When once again our nation gleams
A beacon for the years
America, America god knows what we should be
And find our good and brotherhood
For all the world to see


Anonymous said...

This one should go viral. With a song in my heart I fervently pray we find our way back to sanity.
I am passing this one on.
Thanks so much for your blog.


Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous this should go viral WOW1 lois

Robert said...

for those who agree with the comments above, pass on this post to all who you think might find it of interest - it would be wonderful if we all helped this piece go viral

I thank everyone who has given me support and encouragement in my writing. Enough said.


Bruce said...

The word is out Trump is a malicious and small minded man. He insulted our allies, is breaking ties with everyone around him but his sycophants, and has little interest in being an president in the American tradition. He appointed his daughter and son-in-law to high powered positions in order to advance their business interests at the expense of American security. America must take a good look at itself to find out why 35% of voters like this man and support him. Perhaps the America that we thought we were living in no longer exists. For me, the only explanation is that enough voters wanted a white man regardless of his lack of experience, intellect and personality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah , we need Kate Smith voice to sing this. Maybe Bette Midler. YOU NEED TO COPYRIGHT THIS! Find a good lawyer who can help you.