Friday, June 30, 2017

The Forest for the Trees

Need any better sign that we deal with the sensational rather than focus on the critical?

As of about 6:45 AM, the "Mika" mistake, the latest but far from the last Trump created tsunami, had registered more than 5000 comments to the NY Times. 

If one were to add up all the responses on line to all the other top stories and op-ed of the last 24 hours, on the Republican attack on the health care system, on the terrible toll of the war in Syria, on the administration response to human trafficking, on the the partial lifting of the stay on the travel ban, they would compose but a fraction of our reply to Donald's latest meltdown.

His is a game of misdirection and we are his willing players, distracted from what is so seriously impacting the lives of millions in substantive ways, instead spending our energy and focus on responding to our leader's childish rants, his boorish behavior.

We have lost sight of the forest for the trees.


Harvey F Leeds said...


Anonymous said...

just trying to dominant the news cycle like he did durting primaries and election


Anonymous said...

He tweets because he is illiterate. He doesn't have to explain his inability to write. He's genuinely unable to write a coherent thought that involves proper grammar. He is such an embarrassment.