Sunday, July 30, 2017

He Has Their Back (But With a Knife in His Hand)

("The Emptiness of Trump's Promises of Tolerance")

It is the "us versus them" fallacy that is at the heart of so many Trump supporters. The belief that the rage against the "liberal elites" means everyone who falls outside that definition falls securely within the ambit of the loving embrace of Mr. Trump, protected from his most malignant slings and arrows and saved from continued outrageous misfortune. 

It is the only way to rationalize why the poor, those in minorities, persons in the LGBT community and the myriad others who would seemingly be repulsed by Mr. Trump, find themselves drawn to a man whose policies, if indeed any can be fashioned from the weeds of his tweets, treat all of them with such contempt and disdain.

In a universe of alternative facts, those who continue to support Mr. Trump despite the slap in the face realities like the announced transgender ban, will find ways to decipher and distinguish, always malleable and forever looking to cast blame on anyone but their leader.

Mr. Trump, they would contend, has their back, even as there is a knife in his hand being pressed between their shoulder blades.


Anonymous said...

We have created a void of knowledge, by which Mr. Trump has entered. The unfortunate bigger picture is that solutions to real issues are not thought about, let along discussed, by most Americans. Starting in elementary school, we need to teach kids about how government works. The 's' in 'politics' stands for science. :=)

Anonymous said...

On point as always. And I learned a new word.Ambit.