Sunday, July 16, 2017

Make America Great Again, Mr. Trump. Leave.

Donald Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again" is one that helped change the course of history. Without it, maybe there is no President Trump. If, for example, he had merely suggested "I can do better", today we could have been considering the travails and triumphs of  President Clinton.

But Mr. Trump's trademark phrase was born and did capture the attention and imagination of an America unsettled and unhappy. Life, it turned out for many, was not what it should be. And so, Mr. Trump stepped in and promised emergence from the abyss. Only it didn't happen.

Instead we are riddled with an endless supply of Trump created, or Trump fueled disasters. He has estranged himself and us from virtually the entire planet, from his never to be built great wall of America to his legal barrier erected to keep those in the most distress from the warm embrace of Lady Liberty; from his bear hug with Mr. Putin to his arm wrestling with Mr. Macron; from his G-1 versus G-19 response on steps to save and protect this planet from extinction to his bumbling renunciations on trade deals; from his dismissive stance towards our NATO allies to his disregard for a multi- nation agreement on deterring Iran's nuclear capabilities; from his missteps and awkward misstatements  with China, Germany and countless others to his pathological disregard for the truth on everything from the results of the election to the secret rendezvous of his son; from his obsession with winning on health care even as it means disaster for millions of our citizens to his obsession with winning over more Twitter followers with his bizarre and often pathetic rants; from his inability or unwillingness to treat the office he inhabits with the seriousness of purpose it demands to his weekend jaunts as far away from the White House as our money will take him. For these reasons and so many more, Donald Trump is not on a path to make America great again.

Rather he is making us weak, vulnerable, almost unrecognizable. No longer a beacon of light, of hope, of strength, but a land filled with dark thoughts and dire predictions. And from all this comes the realization that Mr. Trump was not wrong in his most famous saying, not in error in plastering that thought on hats and shirts and mugs, not mistaken in having us believe in a better tomorrow. Just ahead of his time. 

For greatness you see can come to our country not in Mr. Trump's coming but his leaving, not in his ascension but his demotion, not in his leadership but in his abandoning ship. We can indeed regain our footing, Mr. Trump. Our chance will come as soon as you are gone and we can start putting the pieces back together again.

Make America Great Again, Mr. Trump. Leave.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Well said!
Now you can print T-shirts and make Millions:)


Anonymous said...

surgically incisive.
Certainly makes great Sunday reading with bagels and lox !
You are like a pit bull and I applaud that. I think they could really use you
on the NYT editorial page. The editorial page has to lose all the milk toasts and just run Bruni, Collins, Dowd … and Nussbaum 24/7.


Unknown said...

Love that last line!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blogs, and most specifically, this one. Keep it up!