Friday, July 7, 2017

The Incomparable (as in Never Compare) Mr. Trump

("Mr. Trump and the Art of the New York Insult")

Ed Koch just rolled over in his grave.

Even a noun, a verb and 9/11, Mr. Guiliani, grating, distasteful and wrong almost every time he opens his mouth, a sicko-phant who tried to curry favor with the Donald, deserves better than this.

And New York is contemplating filing a defamation of character suit. 

Donald Trump is an island unto himself (and not, as this op-ed would suggest, the island of Manhattan).  He is not a product of this city, but merely of his own befuddled thoughts.

While Mr. Koch and Mr. Guiliani were often biting, sarcastic and downright mean, they were not 24 hour caricatures, not devoid of the basic understanding of the requirements of the job, not merely a floating tweet waiting for an enemy, real or imagined, to appear on the horizon.

It is said that no one should waste the brain cells in making comparisons with or analogies to Hitler for he was a being unlike any other. And while I fully agree with that assessment, there should be a second name added to the list of one of a kinds.

My sympathies go out to Mr. Guiliani and especially Mr. Koch. To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, we know Donald Trump, and you sirs are definitely no Donald Trump.

And the New York state of mind is most assuredly not that of the President.

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