Thursday, August 10, 2017

Disregard (Double Entendre Intended)

("It's Not Too Late on North Korea")

Message to leaders all around the world: disregard everything Donald Trump says or writes. Not some things. Everything.

This is a man who speaks eons before he thinks, who is allergic to investigation, who treats historical perspective as a disease, who knows nothing and contemplates even less, who is without insight, whose wild ruminations reflect not the will of this country but merely the ramblings of one who loves to hear his own voice, who can't even frame a coherent sentence much less set policy for a nation.

So, my advice is let him babble, nod your head and then go about doing the serious task of governing with those who are serious about that task. Find those who treat their job title with the importance it warrants and shut out the noise of an impetuous fool.


Anonymous said...

Such good advice!


Anonymous said...

The fools are the people that voted for him.