Monday, August 28, 2017

Harvey - Throwing a Lifeline to the President

Disasters, natural or otherwise, can in ways even manipulated, be boons to the careers of politicians. The immense pain caused by the unfolding calamity can trigger equally intense positive emotions for the politicians who navigate their turbulent waters with deftness.

The tragedy at the Twin Towers propelled a decidedly mediocre politician, Rudy Guiliani to national prominence. " A noun, a verb and 9/11" most aptly described how Mr. Guiliani made a career out a horrific occurrence that scarred our landscape forever.

And we dare not forget Chris Christie who became the darling of his party after Hurricane Sandy, emerging as the candidate of choice for many in 2012 and remaining a party front-runner until the churning waters above the Hudson drowned his career.

Mr. Trump's presidency has been marked by lows and lowers. He has turned even the calmest of streams into raging maelstroms. But now, with the horrors of Harvey descending on Texas like Noah's flood, the President has an opportunity, at least temporarily, to make a silk purse from a sow's ear. It is a political lifeline, a distraction from Trump created tsunamis.

In the many tomorrows to come, the President will undoubtedly fail to lead us anywhere but into trouble. But in the hours that lay directly ahead, he has, at least a chance to appear presidential, however phony or calculated that may be. For the sake of those in desperate need and the emotional well being of our nation, I hope Mr. Trump does not do his utter worst yet again.

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Anonymous said...

Any negative media reports concerning FEMA's performance will bring on more petulant behavior. He will throw accusations in every direction. He will not lose an opportunity to steal the facts. After all, he is our Commander in Thief--RE