Sunday, August 13, 2017

Small Hands, Big Weapon

OK, I'm sorry we made fun of the size of your hands. We promise never to challenge your manhood again. Now will you please stop waving your big nuclear weapon in the air.
This is what we feared. That this man would get in a shoving contest and would be afraid of nothing so much as looking small and weak. That someone would push his buttons to the point that he pushed THE button. That the big bang theory of this President would be put into motion and we would be powerless to stop it.
And here he is, out of control, raising our threat level to his shade of orange. Mr. Trump loving nothing so much as hearing the sound of his own bellicose and belligerent voice.
It is a battle of schoolyard bullies, exactly the type of macho confrontation that our political system, if not that of North Korea, was designed to safeguard against. But Donald plays by his own rules and that is what makes him so virulent, so toxic, so dangerous.
Mr. President,  we see you have a very large weapon of mass destruction.  Now put it back where it belongs.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I pray your plea is not from your pen to deaf ears!


Anonymous said...

This one is certainly accurate


Anonymous said...

loved it! the last line made me laugh. lois