Monday, August 7, 2017

The Kvetch

("America's Whiniest Victim")

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."

From the first he cried. If they didn't treat him with respect he said he was taking his toys and going home. Well, Donald, they don't and you should.

Your own administration hates you and stabs you in the back, the leaks seeming more like tidal wave. Your own party couldn't pass a health care bill for you and slapped you on the wrist for the way you and Putin cuddle. You are being investigated by those who should be swearing an oath of loyalty to your greatness. The media points out your lies instead of merely accepting them. Your views, if they can be called that, are questioned, criticized and condemned not merely by foe but alleged friend. You seem ready to fire everyone except your daughter and even she seems uncomfortable being tied to your volatile, puerile contemplations.  Your universe  is  replete with the incompetent, the  incapable, the insulting.

Everywhere you turn there is treason in the air. You may be the worst President possible but you are by far the best at playing the victim of anyone who has held the most powerful office on the planet. Even "you won't have me to kick around" Nixon and his paranoia seem benign in comparison.

Mr.Trump was a candidate and is now a President who finds enemies in every corner. And for those in this country who feel aggrieved, who believe they are misunderstood, mistreated, minimized, he is their perfect ally, their most pure voice. Whiny, cranky and forever unfairly maligned. 

He is the embodiment of the kvetch. 


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loved the last line lois

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