Sunday, September 24, 2017


("Trump Attacks Warrior's Curry. LeBron James's Retort:'U Bum'")

But a few days after baiting a leader who launches missiles at a seeming record clip, Mr. Trump now unleashes his fury on another well known for his long range weapon capabilities.

The "madman" Kim Jong-Un and the bad man Stephen Curry in the same sentence. What were the odds?

To say Mr. Trump's skin is thin is to insult skin. He sulks, he whines, he pouts. He complains, he berates, he bellows. He is the child we worried about, the one we feared would cause harm to himself or others if he didn't grow up. And look what has happened.

You, Mr. President, have spent these last years hurling insults at virtually everything that breathed from our former President to the leaders of your own party, from the parents of one whose son died in battle, to almost all those who ran against you for the position you now hold. You have denigrated Muslims, Mexicans. You have fired off tweets at former beauty queens, been dismissive of reporters, found fault with peaceful protesters. 

But understand this. Some things are sacrosanct. Even we have our limits on your petulant behavior. We love our sports and our sports heroes. Attack them and you attack us.

So chastise North Korea, Iran. Challenge NATO. Castigate Congress. But leave Mr. Curry alone. That is a bridge too far. 

Airball, Mr. President.

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