Saturday, September 23, 2017

C.T.E. - Chicken (or) The Egg

("Is C.T.E. a Defense for Murder?")

Chicken (or) The Egg. CTE.

Was Aaron Hernandez an anger and hate filled young man whose wrongheaded propensities may have been exacerbated by years of football filled blows to the head? 

Or was his body merely an unwitting and uncontrollable vessel for a disease that created a volcanic personality disorder?

Can we excuse Money Mayweather? 

Do we forgive Ray Rice? 

What about Jovan Belcher?

Is it a bridge too far to excuse assault and murder? 

Do we believe, or at least does it create a reasonable doubt, that the fault lies not in these stars but in our sports?

Is our ultimate verdict not guilty by reason of the insanity of their chosen employment?

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Anonymous said...

Watch Malcolm Gladwell's comments on Football. It is a huge dilemma --RE