Sunday, September 10, 2017

Death on the Hudson - An Obituary

An old woman died today of a broken heart. Her passing will be mourned by millions.

She was an immigrant to our shores. Born over 130 years ago, she was considered a magnificent gift not only to our nation but to the world.

She stood proud and resolute until her final moments, a beacon for all  those who made the often arduous journey here. She gave strength to all who gazed upon her, her eternal beauty and dignity informing all with whom she interacted that there was worth in every life, hope in every breath, purpose in every good act or deed.

She worked every day of her existence, never tiring, always seeking to give charity to those in need.  She was resolute and unbending in her mission to convince our nation we were blessed with a bounty and goodness and imbue us with a spirit of eternal gratitude for having the capacity to provide shelter to those who came with outstretched arms.

It is said that she touched more lives than any person, man or woman, on this planet. Much has been written of her greatness, but she had not an ounce of ego, never one thought of self, merely concerned with relieving the plight of others.

Recently she had suffered greatly as everything she so deeply cherished fell into question. As she surveyed the landscape, she witnessed a cruelty that made her weep. In her final moments, surrounded by the many she most adored, the tired and poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, she offered her sincerest apology for having failed them.

As she died, the book she was clutching in one hand, fell to the ground. The universe seemed to shudder as she collapsed, her heart, her whole being broken and shattered into a million pieces. The world suddenly a darker and more foreboding place.
When the President learned of her passing he offered this lamentation. "I am sorry to learn of her death. We never met but I am sure she would have loved me. All women love me."

She died, as she lived, without a name.

Funeral services will be held around the world tomorrow. Donations will be gratefully accepted to the cause she adored,  the Charity of the Good Heart.


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Stunned and stunning piece.


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Death sentence passed November 8th, 2016, appeal denied January 20th.

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Wish i could "share" this...is so powerful!


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I wish I could write like you. She welcomed my parents many years ago. Have no fear, she is not dead, only asleep. She will awake at the appointed hour, and continue to light the way. --RE