Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Don Quixote, Sisyphus, Canada and Medicare

("Bernie Sanders: Why We Need Medicare for All")

A simple solution to a complex problem? Mr. Sanders' relentless drumbeat for sanity and reason has as much chance of now succeeding as did Sisyphus. 

It is not merely that a Republican Congress, Republican President and enormous forces of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries align against him. It is that we are living in a moment where fact, if not universally disregarded, is ultimately discarded. We are as a nation, but witness to environmental disasters and mass shootings, refusing to connect the dots, seemingly willfully oblivious to the damage we do to ourselves. Scott Pruitt's invocation was but our preposterous, pathetic blinders-on response to uncomfortable truths.

So, Mr. Sanders can set forth the statistics, remind us that we can see Canada from here, tell us that tomorrow can be better than today, but his proposal to save lives will die a quick death.

Our morality is on life support as crisis and calamity, economic and emotional devastation have proven inadequate weapons to rouse us from our stupor.

Mr. Quixote, you deserve more than this from us. But, at least for today, you dream the impossible dream.

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Anonymous said...

A great column and sorry comment on our country.

It's interesting that all Bernie's wisdom, his common sense practical solution to medical care for all in this country gets framed as quixotic and he he himself is pitied for his relentless and futile quest.