Tuesday, September 5, 2017


I am running out of ways to describe the actions of Mr. Trump. As he contemplates sending the Dreamers packing as if they were being banished from summer camp, the magnitude of our error in elevating a less than fully formed human to the post of King for not a day but 1461, is impossible to set forth with the fullness mandated.
If holding this office is a chess match requiring the skills of Bobby Fischer, we are saddled with a first round loser of a kindergarten checkers tournament. If the temperament of Gandhi is demanded, we are daily witness to the temper tantrums of a spoiled infant. If the compassion of Mother Teresa is what is called for, we have instead chosen the local bully who revels in kicking sand in the face of the 98 pound weakling.
He is a disaster on perpetual call, a horror movie on endless loop, an omnipresent error of omission and commission.
There should be but a fill in the blank response to each head shaking, stomach churning, primal screaming mistake emanating from the lips or the fingers of someone for whom the term leader is as ill fitting as a slipper meant for Cinderella being worn by a 71 year old narcissistic orange faced troll.
It is as if our language did not contemplate this situation, that god in forming the world fatigued before fully completing the task of creating words. 
Mr. Trump is truly indescribable. And I think that says it all.


Sacco said...

So succinct ,so incisive !

Anonymous said...

Every time I think it can't get worse, it does. The rhetoric and the actions of this totally obnoxious bully leave me speechless too.


Anonymous said...

We are to blame for this clueless undressed emperor. We have failed to make him accountable for what fuels undocumented immigration; the miserable conditions south of our borders; drug lords, political instability, terror and unbelievable poverty. We have allowed disinformation and fear to subvert taking an active role in what happens there. We may not be nation-builders, but we can very forcefully insist on accountability of our neighbors south of the border.This problem didn't happen yesterday--RE