Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Ivanka Myth

("The Ivanka Trump Guarantee")

That was the sound of the myth of Ivanka Trump just exploding. Ms. West makes a passionate, well articulated argument for ending the last vestige of noise about what a compelling force for good Ms. Trump is, how she will constrain the worst tendencies of her father, how she is the antidote to his poison.

Ivanka Trump is but window dressing, providing the semblance of cover as the President goes off on yet one more ill conceived and ill intended tangent. But in the now nearly nine months of incubation in the White House, Ms. Trump has given birth to nothing but empty rhetoric and meaningless sound bites.

Ivanka Trump is her father's daughter.

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Anonymous said...

Too true. Linda West forgot to mention Ivanka's use of foreign ( Chinese) labor at slave wages which I find hugely galling.