Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Price Is Wrong.

The Price is wrong.

It is interesting what qualifies for eternal damnation in this administration. As the world seems but a tweet from immolation, as Noah's ark is being readied, as the beating heart of Obamacare is killing Republicans, as hatred and bigotry have come out from under a rock, as immigration has become a four letter word, as weapons are unholstered and the Constitution rests on wobbly legs, it is but failure to pay the equivalent of a parking ticket in the world inhabited by Mr. Price that has brought the power and fury down upon him. Rape and pillage but don't embarrass the King.

Mr. Price was a terrible affront to this nation and we wish him a bad riddance. In the game of musical chairs that is the centerpiece of the Trump debacle, no pledge of allegiance, no begging on bended knee, can save a doomed party from execution. While Rome burns, this Nero fiddles around.

From no drama Obama to this.  Mr. Price has learned the true cost of a free ride. 

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