Friday, September 15, 2017

("Why Did Trump Work Again With Democrats? "He Likes Us" Schumer Says")

Chuck, he doesn't like you. Mr. Trump likes only himself first, last and in between. Not country, not party, not policy or person but merely self. Everything else is but mirage.

This is not a Humphrey Bogart "beginning of a beautiful friendship" moment. It is not an Arlen Spector-like cuddling up with the Dems. It is a "what's in it for me" blip on the radar screen. Mr. Trump's exact words.

Favor is illusion here, a shake of a hand followed by a stab in the back.

From a man who has no moral or political underpinning do not expect stability or consistency. 

There are no friends in this universe. Steve Bannon, gone. Reince Priebus, kaput. Michael Flynn, oy.

And so the Donald, Chuck and Nancy show may be playing on our screens for now. But Mr. Trump can change channels with one click. Or, more accurately, a tweet. 

Be warned.

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Sacco said...

Right on as usual!