Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"You're Fired." Old Habits Die Hard

("The Lecture That Donald Trump Needs")

Old habits die hard.

Donald Trump spent many years in front of this nation as his own ad campaign, ending each hour as ruler of his fiefdom with his most famous line "You're fired." For those whose actions did not meet the king's expectations, there was the guillotine. 

And this cruel bombast served Mr. Trump exceedingly well. It catapulted the show and it's star to prominence. It swelled an already enormous ego, elevated his brand and lined his pockets with gold. 

So when the man playing king became one, it was but natural extension for him to call for the expulsion of those who displeased him. The First Amendment, and those who exercise it, are but fodder to be discarded at the king's whim.

Should he say rise you dare not kneel.

And all the ensuing tumult does not necessarily distress the king. For in these moments, unsettled as they may be, all eyes and ears are focused on the orange faced wonder.

And what could be better for the ratings.

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