Sunday, October 8, 2017

Killing as Sport

("Confessions of a Sensible Gun Owner")

Why do we hunt? 

We are not living in caves, we do not need to undertake this endeavor for our survival. Our food comes to us neatly packaged and ready for consumption. 

Is it because in the 21st century we are merely cave dwellers living under a different roof?

We speak as if teaching our children to kill an animal is a romantic undertaking, a noble exercise that can educate us to enjoy and appreciate nature, mold and shape character, a "firsthand way to learn about the ecosystem... and to sometimes bring home tasty, healthy food." I would suggest this is pure fallacy, but ready excuse for some darker reality.

Let us no longer elevate holding a gun in one's hands and shooting for the pleasure of the kill as a worthy endeavor, a sport of kings and commoners alike.

There are as many guns as people in this country. It is far beyond time we faced the truth that the Second Amendment is not there to insure a well regulated militia, but to indulge us. Don't romanticize our brutal instincts.

We no longer need to kill to live. Now we live to kill. It is time we begin to evolve.


Anonymous said...

The generational frontier culture of hunting can only be undone by the press daily or weekly unmasking those politicians who accept NRA bribes. If the media was capable of reminding the nation each day about Americans held hostage in Iran during the Carter years, then it can expose the huge amounts of money the NRA expends to preserve this gun culture. We should be as indignant about the NRA's interference as we are about Russia's.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing as I read the piece...you just said it eloquently. PB

Anonymous said...

And I thought after Sandy Hook we would make some sane decisions about gun control. That was not to be. Even those congress people who have been shot continue to support gun rights. I am dumbfounded.