Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Donald Trump in the Role of God

("When Politics Becomes Your Idol")

 "Trump Is Our Savior" reads the sign accompanying this op-ed online. And in these words lies an unshakable truth.

Donald Trump is a religion. Attachment to him is based on a blind faith that this man can deliver those who believe from evil. Question not his speech, wonder not his methods, worry not his often bizarre behavior. 

Make America Great Again relies not on destruction of Obamacare, not on environmental deregulation, not on a revised tax code, not on defeat of ISIS, not on the neutering of North Korea, not the deterioration of Iran, not the distance from Putin, not from rising of wages or stock prices, not even on building the Wall. It can not be defeated or deterred by logic, by reason, by loss on the floor of Congress or  battle on the fields, not by investigations or indictments.

For those of us who watch and wonder how, after all the insults, all the tweets, all the wrong twists and turns this man has taken from the moment he descended from above to announce he alone could save us, after so many reasons to abandon him so many still cling to him so fiercely, the answer is as plain as the words on that sign.

Donald Trump is not President. He is God.


Anonymous said...

Oy vey- another false messiah.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece. And there in lies the predicament. Those of us raised in Atheist households are not susceptible to the call of the divine.


Anonymous said...

The general population has been dumbed down when it comes to understanding the real issues, hence we elect a reality show host who knows nothing. Worse yet, he has truly destroyed or neutered our government agencies with corrupt people, whose only intent is to bend the law to meet their own purposes or organized crime's own purposes.