Sunday, October 15, 2017

Harvey Weinstein

("Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood's Oldest Horror Story")

We wring our hands and shake our heads at Mr. Weinstein, sickened by his repulsive behavior, his abuse of the power his station in life afforded him, his mistreatment of those who sought his favor but not at the price demanded.

Today it is the plight of Hollywood actresses but tomorrow this will surely land somewhere else in some other form, just as virulent and just as omnipresent as Mr. Weinstein's casting couch.

Whether it be entertainment mogul, sports hero, boardroom chair or political leader, there are those whose appetites are unbounded, their behavior unregulated, their norms dictated not by society but merely by their own primal instincts.

Mr. Weinstein has now ended up on the cutting room floor, evicted from his own company and from the community that now seeks absolution from its own sin of turning a blind eye to his excesses. But this is more than just an ironic twist to a bad movie of heinous villain and myriad victims. 

The story of Mr. Weinstein is ultimately one of the corruption of the soul, of the great and terrible damage that can be inflicted by those who have both the capacity and the desire to do so.

Take one on the life and times of Harvey Weinstein. Camera, action. And for Mr. Weinstein, fade to black.


Anonymous said...

Should be on CNN


Sacco said...

"on the cutting room floor" ....priceless