Monday, October 9, 2017

Of Dreams and Nightmares

("White House to Tie Hard-Line Conditions to 'Dreamers' Deal")

Reaching across the aisle with a dagger is not a sign of friendship.

This is, without pretense or subterfuge, trading the perpetuation of the Dream Act for a nightmare of policy prescriptions, a pharmaceutical of the best of the worst of an administration overflowing with horrid ideas on immigration.

Start with the go to favorite, the Wall, mix in a pinch of sanctuary city bashing, add a dash of separating families just to make life a little more painful and stir with the understanding that you will multiply the desperation for those whose only hope for escaping the danger and suffering has been eradicated.

Now that seems like fair exchange for allowing some 800,000 young men and women, whose mortal sin was not being born in this country, to remain here under the watchful eye of a government just itching for an excuse to send them back to a home they have little known and many don't even remember.

With friends like Mr. Trump, who needs enemies.


Anonymous said...

So well said about a dreadful situation. And so it goes. Hardly believable.


Anonymous said...

A living nightmare...Only it doesn’t go away when you wake up and the reality of the situation is that much more horrifying.

It’s like we’re living in the twilight zone where all of our values have been turned upside down...

And another horrifying occurrence: Did you happen to see Ivanka Trump on CBS Sunday morning? Another shocking example of someone so deeply enmeshed in her own distorted perspective That she’s clearly lost touch with reality - - only in her case you could literally see how far gone she is spy looking at her. She has had so much cosmetic surgery that her face is completely DISTORTED And she looks hideous! Her lips have so much collagen in them they look like she’s wearing those fake red wax lips you get for Halloween. And Her shocking blue eyeshadow was smeared all over her eyelids in such a way that it made her look like she had slept in her make-up, and it was just melting all over her face...
SERIOUSLY- - She looked more akin to Jack Nicholson as the Joker in Batman then a former model/socialite!!!! SCARY