Monday, October 2, 2017

The Las Vegas Massacre

Dear Mr. Trump:

I beseech you, as a man of wisdom and reason, do NOT take the party line in this most tragic moment. You do a grave disservice to the dead if you assert that now is an inappropriate time to discuss the gun control policy of this nation (or more accurately, the lack of one).

You have said your heart aches for those who are slain, for their families and for a country that grieves. How better to honor the memory of the fallen then to demonstrate your true leadership  by calling for immediate passage of legislation that will address the omnipresent plague that eats at our very being. 

Ours is a land in which a weapon of mass destruction takes almost 100 lives each and every day of the year. It is not the leader of North Korea, not Iran, not ISIS,not Muslims, or Mexicans, who bring death in such grotesque and staggering numbers to our doorstep and into our homes. It is we who do it to ourselves.

The tragedy in Las Vegas was not the act of a terrorist, at least not as you would define it. This was rather an act of terror which we have the power, you have the power, to control.

Show the courage and the wisdom to break with the Republican party. Separate yourself from the NRA. Demonstrate that you are a strong and brave ruler of the people, of all of the people.

End the scourge, eradicate the smell of death that permeates this land and bring all the force of your office to bear so sanity can, at long last, enter the halls of Congress. Death by closing your eyes to what stands in BOLD LETTERS  before you is not an excuse.  


Anonymous said...

Until your wise words become law, we can only start small by taxing the sale of guns much more heavily. Approval votes of each legislator need to be published in the newspaper everyday until this tax is approved. From this money, we can fund a new health care system.--

Harvey F Leeds said...

What happened in Vegas is scary and will make many second think going to large entertainment and sporting events. I hope it doesnt take a tragedy at a baseball or football game or the World Series or Super Bowl to wake up our politicians to deal with stricter gun control.

Anonymous said...

You say this so well. Another tragic day in the USA. “When will we ever learn”?


Anonymous said...

Well stated as always!


Anonymous said...

a great idea and beautifully written but now I am the pessimist. Donald doesn't have it in him.- k

Bruce said...

Can't happen. Won't happen. The terrorist had a "right" to his arsenal. The victims had only the privilege of getting emergency medical care according to GOP/Trump policy.

Robert said...

Understood that my fictional letter to the President has no chance of becoming a reality.

It was merely intended, as a means of approaching Mr. Trump with compliments rather than castigation, for we have long seen that he responds much better to kissing his ring than confrontation.

But today and tomorrow have no hope of being different from yesterday in his universe and in the Second Amendment call to arms.