Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Letter on a Letter

From time to time I receive a letter from someone complimenting me on a piece of mine that has been published either in the New York Times or the Record, a Bergen County newspaper. Each catches me by surprise, that someone I do not know would take the time and effort to locate me and thank me for my words (fortunately, I have not had a note from someone voicing their displeasure with me),

But today, something came in the mail which was different. Instead of my indicating why this is so, I will let the author speak for himself:

"RE: January 30, 2017 New York Times Letter To The Editor

Mr. Nussbaum:

I hope this letter finds its way to you as I have been meaning to write it since I read your letter almost a year ago. It is simply masterful.

Like you, I do not recognize the America my father went to war for, the America that people from different countries came to and shared their laughter, recipes, trade skills, language, work ethic, and personal pride, nor the country that - in your words - displays such a "depraved indifference to others' welfare",

Mr. Nussbaum, thank you for your letter and my apologies for the delay in writing to you. You inspire me in many ways.

Best personal regards"


Here is the piece to which the writer referred:

I am an immigrant.

I may have been born in the United States but this country is foreign to me. 

This land is not my land.

I do not share it's beliefs, I do not countenance it's actions,  I do not even recognize it's methods.

I am not an American, not this America..

The country I lived in did not treat human beings with such utter contempt, did not 
display a depraved indifference to other's welfare, did not inflict such needless pain and suffering.

There are no words that can fully describe my alienation from the unconscionable mandate that now brands millions of people as unworthy of entry upon our shores. The very heart of this nation is being torn out. 

This is not who I am. This is not who we are. I am a stranger in a foreign land .

I am an immigrant.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Robert. You speak so eloquently for us. Your words are unforgettable. I regret that I don't send you my thoughts when I read your blog daily. Keep your thoughts coming as they mean so much to us!

Robert said...

I have received a number of emails about this post. I share some with you.

Isn't that wonderful. (ER)
Glad you touched a stranger (TT)
Incredible - how rewarding (GK)
Awesome - (MLS)
What a nice tribute this is... certainly a reason to keep on truckin' (KS)
Nice!!! Well deserve (FCL)
How nice (LS)
Shakespeare!! (HL)

Thanks to all for their kind thoughts, meant really as compliment to someone who carried my letter in his head and his heart for all these months

Anonymous said...

Very nice on all fronts. PB