Monday, November 13, 2017

An Unqualified Success

("Siding With the Enemy")

If we hoped that having Mr. Trump out of the country might provide temporary respite from the storm, we were mistaken. Calamity is his constant bedfellow and he is never more than a foot (in mouth) or a tweeting finger from the next self inflicted wound.

His pretzel twisting "I believe Putin, well I believe he believes",  and "I don't believe  our agencies, or maybe I do believe our agencies now but I didn't before" was a headache inducing, maybe I went too far Trump masterpiece of utter nonsense. But we expect nothing less (more) of this befuddled autocrat wannabe.

With each stop on this 12 day journey we hold our breath and hope that he doesn't do or say anything immensely stupid. We have yet to find the true floor of our expectations. Is not starting a war a good starting point?

As much as we despise Mr. Trump's presence, we fear his absence equally as he kisses up to Putin, cozies up to China, seeks solace in Saudi Arabia, dances with Duterte. There is the unmistakable odor of incompetence emanating from afar.

He is a man on a mission to destroy our credibility around the globe, one mistake at a time.

And in that quest he is clearly an unqualified success.


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Every thing you say is true and as much as I detest the man as long as he doesn't start WW111 I still prefer him to Pence in the oval office. Just think what his right wing, evangelical agenda would do to our country.