Monday, November 27, 2017

First Do No Harm

("Senators Face Test of Their Own Principles")

We keep reading the same names, McCain, Corker and Flake, who have been openly hostile to the President and the attempted plundering of the fundamentals of our democracy, Murkowski and Collins whose protection of their constituents has outweighed the pressures from the White House. These few who have said that victory at any cost is not victory.

But there is no contemplation that defeat of this abomination of a tax bill will come easily. For it is the role of each party to make things happen, not to be in stasis, not to let bad enough alone. It is how any person in power, Republican or Democrat, envisions their duty in shaping this nation.

And thus there is an immense pull towards action. No matter the personal animus of McCain, Corner and Flake to everything Trump, no matter the real fear of Murkowski or Collins for the effect of this legislation on those entrusted to their care.

The coming vote is indeed a test of courage, as competing voices speak loudly in the heads and to the hearts of those who contemplate the future path of their country and their party. And I suggest that the Hippocratic oath applies to all those in whose hands rests the health, literal and figurative, of this our beleaguered enterprise.

First do no harm.


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If only more than a few had courage to put country ahead of their perceived job security