Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Lin Manuel Miranda and Donald Trump


You say the price that I ask is much more than you can abide
You cry you need to indict all those men who stood by my side
What'd you think? 
Remember there is danger in the game that you play
I'll not sink
Remember that fiction is stronger than truth any day

You'll be gone
Soon I know
Just an asterisk in history
You'll be gone
From the show
Just a shadow in the light of me

Charges rise, charges fall
Did you think I'd let you make the call
You don't fit, hand in glove
I will tweet a fully loaded note to advise you that you're done

You say you'll drain the swamp well that's my line
You know when you are gone that I'll be fine

And no don't make me say it
Cause I would love to say it
And lord knows I will say it
You mangled, overplayed it
Forsaken, forever and ever and ever

You'll be gone
Shown the door
You have won a battle, lost the war
You were wrong
Sad to say
You'll regret this to your dying day

Soon you're gone, I will smile
Just remember I'm the one with guile
'Cause when push comes to shove
I will kill all the charges to show what can be done


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Anonymous said...

We are big Lin Manuel Miranda fans. The two of you would make quite a team. Thanks for this wonderful post.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Going to sing along with R in the car on the way up to GB.