Saturday, November 11, 2017

Of an Anniversary and a Fading Picture

Today would have been my parent's 72nd anniversary. It is the first where neither is alive.

Earlier this week there was a sale of a property that had been in our family for three generations, from grandparent to parent to my sister and myself. It was held in concert with two other families and had grown unruly in numbers, over 20 and increasing, who now claimed some ownership interest. Divergent needs and desires propelled this transaction. My voice was but one of many, my beliefs and wishes mostly muted.

When the deal had been concluded there were congratulations shared. But when I wrote to everyone I spoke of a sadness that both my sister and I felt keenly.

My mom always said, "whatever you do, don't sell" this property. But it was not failing to abide by my mom's orders that was painful. It was that one more piece of what bound my sister and myself to our parents had broken away. That we lost that irrefutable bond which remained as long as we could claim a stake in what now was no longer ours.

Today is our parent's anniversary. And we remember them for everything they were, not every possession they held or passed down to us. But now they appear a little more remote, a little less recognizable, a photo fading with age. One more piece gone with the inexorable passage of time.


Anonymous said...

I have been having a harder time over the passing weeks; missing my Mom, increasingly more; and selling her apartment (whenever it happens) will probably add immeasurably to my sadness.

You and I are going through much of the same....I do love reading, feeling and experiencing the emotions evoked through everything you share in all of your diverse and passionate writing.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

some bonds are never broken you made me cry-----again. lois

Anonymous said...

Read your article this morning and was again touched by your comments. You inspire me. We both are experiencing the sadness that occurs at the end of an era
which was filled with joy, happiness and love.
Memories may fade but will never be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

The bond between Gail and you will NEVER be broken!

Anonymous said...

so beautifully stated, as always.
hard to know they are all gone and just mere memories.
sometimes i feel like i will just be a folder in a house, like my sister, dad, mom, etc. are in my house.
but of course, that is how it will be.