Thursday, November 30, 2017

Taking a Shot at Gun Violence

("Oh Lord, Now the Gun Thing's Back")

We are all complicit in murder. We have accepted the notion that guns are a rational part of our everyday universe. A nation under attack.

Armed and dangerous.

Instead of arguing for nuance and tweaks, let us call for a new dialogue, one in which guns have no part in our society. Do we seriously want protection for all? Get the guns out of everyone's hands. Let us not bargain on semi-automatics, on concealed carry, on background checks or domestic abuse. Let us instead have a conversation about our disease, our obsession, our insanity.

We don't want to hear that countries that have disarmed are immeasurably safer than we are? Are we made of different material? Our are brains incapable of adapting to a new paradigm?

We can stop the killing if we have courage, if we do not accept what we suggest we cannot change, but rather fight for that change to become reality. Ask a generation ago if same sex marriage would ever be the law of the land.

This the not the 1800's, and this is not the Wild West. We don't need a gun to our head, or a holster on our side anymore.


Anonymous said...

we need your thinking in congress. lois

PickleBiz said...

A nice fantasy, but exactly that.

Anonymous said...

I have come to believe the only way forward is to make guns extremely costly by taxing gun companies heavily, and applying that money towards reducing health care costs.