Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Idiot and His Odyssey

His has been a journey unlike any other. Filled with low points and then lower ones. Stepping on toes, hell stepping on entire feet.

Giving new meaning to that 3 AM call. Putting this country on perpetual high alert, not in fear of enemy but our own President. Forcing the country to learn the particulars of the 25th Amendment.  Piling up mistakes, miscues, misstatements at a rate that staggered the imagination, boggled the mind and challenged our capacity to recall. The calamities myriad and the potential for catastrophe omnipresent.

From Pence to Putin, Perry to Papadopolous, Price to Priebus, Pruitt to Perdue, Mnuchin to Manafort, scary Bannon to Scaramucci, Megyn Kelly to John McCain, Ben Carson to Betsy Devos, from the "hiring" of Kushner to the firing of Comey, from the con jobs of Conway to the crimes of Flynn, from the injustice to Merrick Garland to the installation of Justice Gorsuch, from Ivanka with a little lust to immigrants with much hate, from Russia with love to North Korea with nukes, from big arsenals to a little rocket man, from continual shitstorms to one bloviating shithole, from can he possibly know less to absolutely no Moore, from Huckabee Sanders to Spicer, from Israel's one state two state to our red state blue state, from the vanishing net neutrality to vanquishing the social safety net, from shutting borders to closed minds, from Hillary bashing to master baiting, from grabbing pussy to grabbing attention, from the First Amendment to the Second, from Haiti to Hawaii, from the birther morass to the Mexican mess, from the alt-right to the always wrong, from NATO to NAFTA, from threatening DACA to thrashing CHIP, from both sides to blame in Charlottesville to warmest condolences in Vegas, from provoking Palestinians to pissing on (off) Puerto Rico, from alternative facts to alternative energy, from destroying Obamacare to destroying the ozone, from attacks on the media to imagined attacks from most everywhere, from manufactured voter fraud to intended voter suppression, from fomenting fears to pandering to prejudices, from won't he just shut up to will we now shut down, from criticizing judges to castigating the FBI, from weekdays with Fox and Friends to weekends at Mar-A-Lago, from groveling sycophants to kneeling football players, from intimidation to insinuation, from obstinancy to obstruction of justice, from twisted tweets to constant taunts, from broken pacts to broken promises, from small hands to large hysterics, from taxes to just plain taxing, from morning to night and siege to endless siege.

Always but a moment away from creating a self inflicted wound upon our nation. Lacking in attention, in diligence, in understanding, in empathy, in perspective, in the very words necessary to express himself. Self centered, obsessed, unbound by tradition, by regulation, by protocol or propriety. Full of bluster, easy to fluster. Willing to destroy our standing in the world and doing a wonderful job of it. Humbling our nation and haunting our dreams. Bitter, petty, divisive, petulant. Often  unmoored. Treating his office like a chew toy and peeing on the rug, from the first day he descended upon us like a plague to the last tweet he left, like poo, on our front step. 

Sound and fury signifying nothing. Or more precisely, fire and fury signifying a man, and a nation, on the brink.


Anonymous said...

safe journey i'm all for the book it would be a huge success lois

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping it turns out to be a very short book because he's thrown out of office long before his term ends.


Anonymous said...

One book at a time I am still waiting to see what happens after the bike accident on the bridge!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting a partial list of my disgust for him so eloquently. PB

PickleBiz said...

Simply put, just as "The Catch" means only one thing to sports fans, "The Idiot" will forever associate that descriptor with truly the biggest idiot of them all. As The Illiad has come down through history, so will "The Idiot" live in infamy.

Bruce said...

If you were to write a book about the damage that a demagogue and bully like Trump could inflict upon nation and world in his unworthy position, it would be considerably longer than War and Peace.

Michael Gansl said...

Our dear President Trump represents the "primal" elements that exist in all of us - hate, rage, blame, shame, etc, etc. Unfortunately, a significant number of the American people would rather have a President reflect those primal individual feelings instead of being Presidential to reflect the broader goals of society - peace, togetherness, forgiveness, responsibility, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

The book would be amazing I am sure. Count me in as a purchaser- signed copy please. :)


Anonymous said...

how do you really feel?


Anonymous said...

I have passed your piece along to a few people. Several have commented that it is right on and so well written.