Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Christmas Tale - 2017

This is the Christmas nightmare entitled "Screwed."

It stars Little Fingers Trump as the tax man and features poor and crippled Chip as the boy in grave danger of losing his health care and his health.

The story occurs virtually in the dark. We see almost nothing, only hearing voices of the choir singing of Neverland, a place that does not exist where being a reverse Robin Hood works out just swell for the have nots.

There is a cameo by Houdini who makes the lower class disappear.

It is a jumbled mess of a tale as Little Fingers' nose gets ever and ever longer while his lies take him to Pinnochioland.

On Christmas morning Chip awakens to find a lump of coal in his stocking. It is stamped "made in the new mines of Pennsylvania thanks to Little Fingers."

Most of the audience is befuddled, confused, depressed and scared by the unfolding horror. They have come seeking a Christmas miracle of goodness and redemption but have found only a stinking universe filled with hot air and alms for the rich.

As the play concludes, the choir serenades all to a tune that sounds much like Silent Night. Only this one goes "all's not swell, nothing's right."

Ho, ho, holy crap.


Harvey F Leeds said...


Bruce said...

1. Lower corporate tax rates mean better dividends for shareholders because that is what companies are legally required to do. They will invest in robots and automation and not jobs.

2. Lower rates for highly compensated people mean more investing in the stocks mentioned above, although there will be a bit more consumption of high end goods usually found in expensive boutiques, the idea of a trickle down will be just that--a trickle to the working class.

3. Social security, Medicare and Medicaid will soon be attacked as Entitlements that pay out too much.

4. There will be no meaningful investment in schools, infrastructure or hospitals and medical care.

5. It will cost you more money to repair your flat tires and cracked axles on the increasingly pitted and potted roads and highways.

6. China will greatly eclipse the US within the next five years due to their immense investment in their infrastructure despite being a totalitarian regime.