Monday, December 11, 2017

And the Award Goes To

Nominees for worst actor/actress in a supporting role:

10.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders - she gives new meaning to chutzpah.

9.  Betsy DeVos - everyday is another lesson in why a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

8.  Rick Perry - he should have never remembered that third department he wanted to decimate.

7. Ben Carson - he was right that this was a job he was not qualified to perform.

6. Anthony Scaramucci - it does take a certain unique talent to get fired from a position even before you officially begin.

5. Kellyanne Conway - she may be the odds on favorite for her contribution of alternative facts to the lexicon

4. Steve Bannon- he molded Mr. Trump from a mere harmless lump of clay into a weapon of mass destruction

3. Jared Kushner - how can one man with so little training have a voice on so many subjects (this appears to be a family trait).

2.  Ivanka Trump - repeat number 3, except insert woman for man.

1. Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos - maybe this group will soon be receiving the highest award possible - the One No Trump for bringing a presidency to its knees.

There are so many more who are eminently qualified for this award. I apologize if you have been slighted. I know my personal favorite did not even make the list, Sean Spicer, an idiot's delight. 

To all nominated : keep up the the bad work, you richly deserve this recognition


Anonymous said...

SO Funny!... And sad.


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harvey leeds said...

Quite a list!! This should be sent out on the AP wires and printed in every newspaper!!

Anonymous said...

painfully funny

Anonymous said...

Good one!


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