Saturday, December 2, 2017


Cut to the quick.
Cut to the bone.
Cuts on the sick.
Cuts on their homes.

Cut to the chase.
Cut to the core.
Cuts on their face.
Blood on the floor.

Give me my cut
Give me my due
Give me enough but
Nothing for you

Cut out the nonsense
Cut out the lies
Cut off the weak
Cut off their cries

Give me my cut
Give to us few
Give all I want 
For them not a sou

Cut to the shot
Cut on my cue
Cut out the rot
To whom nothing is due

Give me my cut
Give me what's right
Give me a beacon
I'll cut off their light

Cut off the many
Just make them pay
Don't give them any
It's mine anyway

Cut off their hope
Cut out their heart
Just give me my cut
I need a fresh start

Cut them all down
Like so many trees
They make no sound
When they cease to be

Cut them a break
No that's not the way
Give them no voice
They've nothing to say

Cut to the quick.
Cut to the bone.
It makes me sick.
To call this my home.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Please send this one to the NY Times! --RE

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!


Anonymous said...

Cut the nonsense and send it out


Anonymous said...

One of your best. Ranks up there with Lin Manuel Miranda.
What a sad day yesterday was. Just when I think it can't get any worse, it does.