Friday, December 15, 2017

Harrison Smith Kane

He was born yesterday, seven pounds three ounces, beautiful and totally unaware of what a lucky boy he is.

He is my grand nephew. I have not met him yet but I love him. I love him for many reasons but one is that he has a perfect middle name. 

My mom, Dorothy, was one of five Smith children. When she passed earlier this year, the last of that spectacular group was gone. And a little of what made me, made my sister, who we are seemed lost as well.

But Harrison Smith Kane has informed us that I was mistaken. That through his veins runs the blood of those who came before, that the Smiths will always be remembered, that the values they demonstrated remain, that Harrison stands (or will soon enough) as testament and tribute to a greatness that did not die with my mom's last breath.

Harrison Smith Kane will make his own way in life, make his own mark and create his own legacy. I am most thankful for his presence, most eager to see where the future takes him but first I want to thank him for the lasting gift he has already bestowed upon me, upon us.


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NL said...

So happy for all of you! Such a beautiful and thoughtful name.

Anonymous said...

congrats on new baby harrison. and how so poignant and sweet that he carries your mother's name and blood. new life is always amazing but particularly in relation to our older lives that then really do continue to live on.


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OMG!! So beautiful!! Crying!!!! The best!! Your writing is so wonderful! That was so to the heart!! Went through 2 tissues!!!!


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VERY cool name! Congratulations!